Shopify and Mailchimp Breakup

Shopify and Mailchimp Breakup. Now What?

Big news for many in the ecommerce world last week, as both Mailchimp and Shopify released separate statements letting users know that the Mailchimp app and integration would no longer be offered on Shopify. Regardless of which company is right or wrong (and if you read their statements, you’ll see they both clearly point the finger at the other), the situation does leave many Shopify users unsure of how best to handle their email marketing

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Ecommerce and offline retail

Ecommerce Isn’t Optional Anymore. But That Doesn’t Mean Offline is Dead.

Ecommerce isn’t optional for small businesses anymore. But it’s not all doom and gloom for traditional offline retail. As a matter of fact, offline retail is doing just fine, and viewing online and offline sales as two separate and opposing channels is a mistake. The state of ecommerce As a traditional offline retailer, it’s easy to view ecommerce (and major players like Amazon) as the boogeyman. Online sales are climbing year after year, and are

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Laptop on Desk, Josh Decaire, Digital Marketing Freelancer Kingston

Is Hiring a Freelancer a Good Fit For Your Business?

As a small business owner, your time is in high-demand. When it comes to looking after things like your ecommerce plans and marketing strategy, you may not have the time needed to dedicate to get the most out of those channels. Given the speed at which things move in the digital world, you probably don’t even have the time to stay on top of the ever-changing trends, tactics, and tools. So what do you do

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